• Registered Office
    Jiwan Bima Marg, Pandri,
    Raipur-492001, Chhattisgarh.
  • Corporate Office
    A-1, 3rd Floor, C.G. Elite Complex, Opp. Mandi Gate, Pandri Main Road,
    Raipur-492001, Chhattisgarh.

Disclosures under Regulation 30 of the LODR

Raising of Funds-16.07.2018

Resignation of Company Secretary : Compliance Officer- 16.01.2019

Appointment Of Company Secretary And Compliance Officer- 16.01.2019

Code of Conduct under SEBI (PIT) Regulations, 2015- 31.03.2019

Winning The Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award (EOTY)- 22.05.2019

Blood Donation Camp dated 15th June, 2019- 18.06.2019

Intimation Of Participation Of Company In Global SME Day To Be Held On 27Th June, 2019 At Mumbai- 26.06.2019

Intimation Of Receiving Of Contract By The Company For Bulk Transportation- 05.07.2019

Credit Rating- 12.07.2019

Updates on Acquisition- 05.09.2019

Intimation Of Resignation Of Ajmera Associates Limited As Market Maker- 20.02.2020

Disclosure of Material Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Operations and Performance of the Company 27.07.2020

Credit Rating- 08.08.2020

Meeting Updates- 08.08.2020

Updates on Acquisition- 14.08.2020

Updates on Acquisition- 14.01.2021

Demise of Chairman and Managing Director- 09.03.2021

Authorisation to determine materiality of an event or information- 07.05.2021

Disclosure of Fraud- 29.06.2021

Meeting Updates- 29.06.2021

Director's message to Stakeholders- 22.07.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 10.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 13.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 19.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 24.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 27.08.2021

Meeting Updates- 31.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 01.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 08.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 11.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 17.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 23.09.2021

Meeting Updates- 29.09.2021

Credit Rating- 29.10.2021

Resignation of Director- 01.11.2021

Newspaper Publication- 03.11.2021

Resignation of Company Secretary : Compliance Officer- 14.11.2021

Appointment of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer and authorisation to determine materiality of an event or information- 14.11.2021

Resignation of Director- 20.11.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 22.11.2021

Resignation of Director- 23.11.2021

Newspaper Publication- 13.12.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 16.12.2021

Acquisition- 16.12.2021

Receiving Of Contract By The Company For Bulk Transportation- 03.01.2022

Reconstitution Of The Audit Committee Of The Board- 28.02.2022

Change in Management- 28.02.2022

Change in Directorate- 28.02.2022

Revised Outcome For Board Meeting-Appointment of Director- 02.03.2022

In-Principal Approval from NSE and BSE for Migration to Main Board- 23.03.2022

Receiving Of Contract By The Company For Bulk Transportation- 29.03.2022

Migration from BSE SME Platform to Main Board of NSE and BSE- 05.04.2022

Meeting Updates- 02.05.2022

Newspaper Publication- 02.05.2022

Change Of Corporate Office Address Of Registrar And Share Transfer Agent (RTA)- 21.05.2022

Meeting Updates- 31.05.2022

Change in Management- 31.05.2022

Change in Management- 31.05.2022

Newspaper Publication- 01.06.2022

Clarification:Declaration For Appointment Of Mr. Gopal Kumar Agrawalla As A Director Of The Company- 02.06.2022

Updates on Acquisition- 27.06.2022

Newspaper Publication- 05.08.2022

Meeting Updates- 08.08.2022

Newspaper Publication- 10.08.2022

Proceedings of AGM (6th September, 2022)

Contract For Tenders With JSW Bhushan Power & Steel Limited And Jindal Steel & Power Limited - 19.10.2022

Addendum To The Letter 'Contract With Vedanta Limited' 04 11 2022

Contract With Vedanta Limited - 01.11.2022

Contracts With Reliance Industries Limited And Aditya Aluminium - 03.11.2022

Change in the Management of the Company due to change in the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company - 11.11.2022

Contract With Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Limited - 06.12.2022

Credit Rating- 23.12.2022

Contract With Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Limited - 18.01.2023

Credit Rating- 19.01.2023

Newspaper Publication- 13.02.2023

Inter-se Transfer between Promoter and Promoter Group

Updates on Acquisition- 24.03.2023

Contract with Jindal Steel & Power Limited - 13.04.2023

Change in Management 30.06.2023

Change in Director(s) 30.06.2023

Change in Director(s) 22.09.2023

Change in Auditor(s) 22.09.2023