• Registered Office
    Jiwan Bima Marg, Pandri,
    Raipur-492001, Chhattisgarh.
  • Corporate Office
    A-1, 3rd Floor, C.G. Elite Complex, Opp. Mandi Gate, Pandri Main Road,
    Raipur-492001, Chhattisgarh.

Disclosures under Regulation 30 of the LODR

Raising of Funds-16.07.2018

Resignation of Company Secretary : Compliance Officer- 16.01.2019

Appointment Of Company Secretary And Compliance Officer- 16.01.2019

Code of Conduct under SEBI (PIT) Regulations, 2015- 31.03.2019

Winning The Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award (EOTY)- 22.05.2019

Blood Donation Camp dated 15th June, 2019- 18.06.2019

Intimation Of Participation Of Company In Global SME Day To Be Held On 27Th June, 2019 At Mumbai- 26.06.2019

Intimation Of Receiving Of Contract By The Company For Bulk Transportation- 05.07.2019

Credit Rating- 12.07.2019

Updates on Acquisition- 05.09.2019

Intimation Of Resignation Of Ajmera Associates Limited As Market Maker- 20.02.2020

Disclosure of Material Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Operations and Performance of the Company 27.07.2020

Credit Rating- 08.08.2020

Meeting Updates- 08.08.2020

Updates on Acquisition- 14.08.2020

Updates on Acquisition- 14.01.2021

Demise of Chairman and Managing Director- 09.03.2021

Authorisation to determine materiality of an event or information- 07.05.2021

Disclosure of Fraud- 29.06.2021

Meeting Updates- 29.06.2021

Director's message to Stakeholders- 22.07.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 10.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 13.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 19.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 24.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 27.08.2021

Meeting Updates- 31.08.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 01.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 08.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 11.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 17.09.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 23.09.2021

Meeting Updates- 29.09.2021

Credit Rating- 29.10.2021

Resignation of Director- 01.11.2021

Newspaper Publication- 03.11.2021

Resignation of Company Secretary : Compliance Officer- 14.11.2021

Appointment of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer and authorisation to determine materiality of an event or information- 14.11.2021

Resignation of Director- 20.11.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 22.11.2021

Resignation of Director- 23.11.2021

Newspaper Publication- 13.12.2021

Updates on Acquisition- 16.12.2021

Acquisition- 16.12.2021

Receiving Of Contract By The Company For Bulk Transportation- 03.01.2022

Reconstitution Of The Audit Committee Of The Board- 28.02.2022

Change in Management- 28.02.2022

Change in Directorate- 28.02.2022

Revised Outcome For Board Meeting-Appointment of Director- 02.03.2022

In-Principal Approval from NSE and BSE for Migration to Main Board- 23.03.2022

Receiving Of Contract By The Company For Bulk Transportation- 29.03.2022

Migration from BSE SME Platform to Main Board of NSE and BSE- 05.04.2022

Meeting Updates- 02.05.2022

Newspaper Publication- 02.05.2022

Change Of Corporate Office Address Of Registrar And Share Transfer Agent (RTA)- 21.05.2022

Meeting Updates- 31.05.2022

Change in Management- 31.05.2022

Change in Management- 31.05.2022

Newspaper Publication- 01.06.2022

Clarification:Declaration For Appointment Of Mr. Gopal Kumar Agrawalla As A Director Of The Company- 02.06.2022

Updates on Acquisition- 27.06.2022

Newspaper Publication- 05.08.2022

Meeting Updates- 08.08.2022

Newspaper Publication- 10.08.2022

Proceedings of AGM (6th September, 2022)

Contract For Tenders With JSW Bhushan Power & Steel Limited And Jindal Steel & Power Limited - 19.10.2022

Addendum To The Letter 'Contract With Vedanta Limited' 04 11 2022

Contract With Vedanta Limited - 01.11.2022

Contracts With Reliance Industries Limited And Aditya Aluminium - 03.11.2022

Change in the Management of the Company due to change in the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company - 11.11.2022

Contract With Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Limited - 06.12.2022

Credit Rating- 23.12.2022

Contract With Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Limited - 18.01.2023

Credit Rating- 19.01.2023

Newspaper Publication- 13.02.2023

Inter-se Transfer between Promoter and Promoter Group

Updates on Acquisition- 24.03.2023

Contract with Jindal Steel & Power Limited - 13.04.2023

Change in Management 30.06.2023

Change in Director(s) 30.06.2023

Change in Director(s) 22.09.2023

Change in Auditor(s) 22.09.2023

Resignation of Independent Director 17.10.2023

Amendment to Memorandum of Association (MOA) 08.12.2023

Intimation of Alteration of Memorandum of Association (MOA) 03.02.2024

Change in Directorate 01.02.2024

Contract with Ambuja Cement Limited - 29.04.2024

Intimation of incorporation of Wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Company